HVAC Germicidal UV Lights

We only want the best and highest-quality indoor air for our family, that is a no brainer. The question is, is a tightly sealed and well-done HVAC system enough? Unfortunately, as time takes its toll, the insides of your HVAC unit become dirty and will give off poor air quality.

HVAC Germicidal UV Lights is an effective method to enhance indoor air quality by effectively controlling and eliminating mold formation and bacterial and fungal contamination in the air handler, as well as reducing smells, odors and other volatile organic compounds.

Not convinced yet? A 2012 study by Duke University Medical Center showed a 97% decline in drug-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms. While another study showed a significant decrease in fungal levels after 4 months of operation in a commercial space.

Aside from providing healthy breathable air, HVAC germicidal UV lights also help improve your HVAC unit’s cooling efficiency and product life by preventing algae growth and thus reducing condensate pan clogging, and maintaining a clean coil.

Have that peace of mind. Install an HVAC germicidal UV light in your HVAC unit and experience the best and healthiest indoor air your family deserves.

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