HVAC Dehumidifiers

A Dehumidifier is another accessory that can be added to your HVAC system. It works by getting rid of moisture in the air to make it drier and more comfortable.

The dehumidifier’s operating concept is like that of an AC, it pulls heat from the air and drains water from humid air out. However, a dehumidifier does not cool down warm air to disperse it back in the space, instead, it takes the removed heat to warm air that circulates inside the system- making it MORE efficient than ever.

If it feels uncomfortably warm and humid from spring to fall, get a dehumidifier! If you have a way too big AC, get a humidifier! Air Conditioners, especially the big ones cannot keep up with the need to dehumidify.

It all boils down to comfort, purchase a dehumidifier today.

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