Gas Furnaces

In most new central heating systems, gas is the most commonly used heating fuel. Modern gas furnaces are more energy-efficient and environment-friendly than old furnace models. Gas furnaces work by igniting the gas source to generate heat into your homes.

Thinking of getting a new gas furnace? Before you do, try these simple ways to see if your current furnace just needs repair or part replacement.

• In case of low airflow, check if the air filter is clogged.
• Check the thermostat for loose wires or a malfunction.
• Examine the fuses and/or circuit breakers? See if they are tripped or burned.

We have a long list of Furnace Parts available to keep your furnace up and running like brand new. Though it’s generally more cost-effective to repair a furnace, getting a new one will help you save in the long run because of the improved efficiency these modern furnaces offer.

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