Tempstar Furnace Fan Coils

Deluxe Series

Tempstar Deluxe Communicating Fan Coil Series is matched with your outdoor unit to offer seamless air circulation throughout your home. It is also designed to automatically adjust your heating and cooling stages to ensure your home comfort is at ultimate levels at all times, with better humidity control capabilities. Finally, the deluxe series is equipped with variable-speed motors for superior efficiency and more even temperatures, helping improve your SEER and HSPF rating points.

QuietComfort® Series

QuietComfort® Fan Coil Series keeps airflow efficiently moving through your home when matched with an outdoor unit and thus delivers consistent comfort. It also guarantees quiet operation and improved humidity control. This series offers unit equipped with either a variable-speed motor for reduced energy and enhanced comfort or multi-speed blower motor for consistent airflow and lasting performance.

Performance Series

Tempstart Performance Fan Coil Series promises durable and economical units that move air from your air conditioner or heat pump when there is no furnace present indoors. Its multi-speed and fixed-speed motors are suited for more consistent temperature and lasting performance that delivers more comfort options while delivering energy-saving airflow.

Tempstar Furnace Fan Coils

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