Payne Furnace Fan Coils

Payne® fan coils will complete your heat pump system while delivering quiet, energy-efficient comfort to your homes. Payne has so much fan coil options to offer from wall or ceiling mounted to multi-speed or variable speed and many more. All Payne fan coils feature exceptional heat transfer, heating and cooling effectiveness and efficiency.

Variable Speed Fan Coil

Variable Speed Fan Coil (FV4C) offers optimum comfort, efficiency and performance by providing consistent temperatures, enhanced humidity management, smooth, quiet airflow and a potential boost in SEER rating and cooling efficiency.

Compact Fan Coil

Compact Fan Coil (FB4C) is designed for both normal and tight spaces with installation flexibility to fit your space requirements. Payne multi-speed fan coils make sure you still have room for high efficiency, optimized performance and reliable indoor airflow while also giving you an opportunity to save.

Multi-Speed Fan Coil

Multi-Speed Fan Coil (PF4M) is designed to be custom-matched to your home and your heat pump or air conditioner by delivering the perfect amount of airflow for even temperatures. Payne multi-speed fan coils offer lasting performance, quiet operation, improved comfort and a boost in SEER rating and cooling efficiency of your systems.

Multifamily Home Fan Coil

Multifamily Home Fan Coil (FFMA) is compact in size suitable for vertical applications and installations in tight spaces. Though small, this fan coil is built to perform providing homes with improved comfort and optimized airflow.

Ceiling Fan Coil

Ceiling Fan Coil (FMC, FPMB, FPMA) are efficient, consistent and affordable ceiling-installed fan coil that incorporates a multi-speed blower for optimized airflow, energy-saving comfort and even temperatures you can rely on.

Payne Furnace Fan Coils
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