Luxaire Furnace Air Handlers

Luxaire® Air Handlers is built through innovative processes and tested rigorously to provide the best, consistent and dependable comfort that is trusted for every home. 

Acclimate™ Series Air Handlers

The Acclimate™ (AVV, AVC and MVC) Series is equipped with variable-speed blowers that circulate air more silently and precisely for improved efficiency and comfort.

LX Series Air Handlers

The LX (AE and ME) Series will let you enjoy the luxury of a comfortable indoor environment through economical but high-quality and efficient air handler units.

Climasure™ Series Air Handlers

The proven Climasure™ (AP and MP) Serries is built with blower motor technologies that provide single-speed, five-speed or variable-speed capabilities.

Luxaire Furnace Air Handlers

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