Lennox Furnace Air Handlers

Lennox® Air Handlers are among the most efficient and quietest you can buy. These Air handlers can work with air conditioner, heat pump or boiler to circulate air evenly throughout your home. It is designed to help lower humidity level for improved comfort and to deliver consistent temperatures and steady airflow while using little energy. Lennox air handlers also ensure long-lasting and reliable performance with its rugged and rigorous construction.

Constant comfort and energy savings

Variable-speed technology allows select Lennox® air handlers to provide a constant flow of air while using two-thirds less energy than competitive single-stage units.

Choose your efficient combination

Lennox® air handlers can be paired with a heat pump that is perfect for moderate climates. For warm climates, Lennox® air handlers are perfect when paired with an air conditioner.

Option for supplemental electric heat

EVENHEATER® preheats air before circulating it through your home to help prevent drafts.

A solid handle on contaminants

Filtration and advanced air quality components are available for most Lennox® air handlers, so you can breathe cleaner and healthier air.

Lennox Furnace Air Handlers

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