Goodman Furnace Air Handlers & Coils

Goodman® brand Air Handlers with All-Aluminum evaporator coils are highly energy-efficient and are made using advanced techniques and quality materials, with outstanding features to provide superb comfort and performance to your home.

Goodman’s complete line of air handlers and coils are also priced reasonably and affordably making it a worthwhile investment.

Smartframe™ substructure

This intelligent structure provides support for lateral strength and sturdy mounting for increased durability and reliability of the unit. It also secures the foil-faced insulation and reduces the air handler’s operating noise.

Single metal solution

The Goodman Air Handler’s All-Aluminum evaporator coil is constructed from aluminum tubing, fins and end plates giving you a single metal solution for outstanding, time-tested, heat transfer performance properties. 

ComfortNet™ control system

Goodman Air Handler is compatible with the ComfortNet™ control system featuring a large assortment of built-in features that can easily auto-configure, monitor and review data from the system for outstanding performance and accurate detection of any system-related issue.

Variable-speed motors

For energy-efficient operation helps to lower utility bills compared to single speed motors.

Modular configurations with upflow, counterflow and horizontal positions

To support easy installation of unit regardless of your house type.

Goodman Furnace Air Handlers & Coils

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