Bryant Furnace Fan Coils

Bryant® Fan Coils offer a comprehensive fan coil selection to help improve your home comfort and efficiency. Bryant Fan Coils come in three series: Evolution®, Preferred™ and Legacy™.

Bryant Evolution® Series Fan Coil

Evolution® fan coils assure the quality, durability and efficiency you expect from Bryant®. This series aids your system to perform better while helping you save on cooling costs by up to 16% and heating costs up to 10%.

Evolution® fan coils also have superior humidity control capabilities and extra quiet, efficient and consistent temperatures with variable speed control.

Preferred™ Series Fan Coil

Preferred™ fan coils are a reliable way to boost comfort and energy savings by increasing your unit’s efficiency rating and thus cutting your cooling and heating costs significantly. These corrosion-resistant all-aluminum fan coils ensure improved humidity control, enhanced indoor air quality, durable performance and year-round comfort.

Legacy™ Line Fan Coil

Legacy™ fan coils are an affordable and efficient addition to your cooling and heating systems. Equipped with environmentally-sound Puron® refrigerant, it keeps your home comfortable by enhancing the indoor and outdoor air quality, and at the same time reduce energy costs, year-round.


Bryant Furnace Fan Coils

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