Why Do You Need To Tune-up Your Furnace Before Winter

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year bringing us pleasant weather and beautiful fall foliage of orange, red, and yellow. Since the hot days of summer and now the agreeable warmth of fall is among us, your home furnace is probably in the very back of your mind. But this is exactly the perfect time to work on turning up your furnace so it will be in top shape and ready to provide your home a comfortable and warm indoor atmosphere comes the chilly season of winter.

Reasons You Need An Annual Furnace Tune-up

You might think that your furnace is operating just fine and there’s no need for a furnace tune-up, but know that problems in your furnace are not always noticeable and an easy maintenance sweep might have saved you bigger furnace trouble and tons of money. Below, we listed the top reason why you need a furnace tune-up.

Prevent Costly Repairs. Before some your furnace parts go into big trouble or worse break down in the midst of winter, a furnace tune-up includes thorough inspection that will be able to identify trouble spots and issues so you can quickly repair it before it becomes serious and will cost you more bucks for professional repair.

Remember, small and inexpensive repairs annually will help you avoid major expensive furnace breakdowns.

Save Energy Money

Save Energy Money. According to the US Department of Energy, the typical US family spends at least $2,200 per year on energy bills with nearly half of it intended for heating and cooling! Now here comes winter and rising home heating bills.

Furnace Tune-Up makes sure your unit is in perfect operating condition and runs efficiently so no energy and money are ever wasted. Without an annual tune-up, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable home condition due to low airflow and notice your heating bill significantly rising.

Improve Furnace Product Life. Furnaces are undeniably expensive. However, its cost is balanced out with its long lifespan making it worthy and much-needed investment for most homes. Not doing an annual furnace tune-up will shorten your unit’s life and will cost you even more in the long-run.

Also, this constant furnace maintenance will add more years to your unit. Furnaces can last up to more than 20 years if you take excellent care of it.

Promote Safety. Furnace unit and part malfunctions will not only result in discomfort. In some worse cases, it can cause dangerous gas leakage and even a catastrophic explosion. Tuning up your unit can detect needed repairs to prevent these problems and keep your home safe at all times.

Enhance Comfort. Over the years, your furnace must have collected dust and dirt that can cause you not only discomfort but serious health issues as well. A quality tune-up includes an overall unit cleaning so you’re assured that your family is breathing clean and healthy air.

Why Do You Need To Tune-up Your Furnace Before Winter 1

With all that’s listed above, there is no more reason for procrastination. Having your furnace tuned up is a very worthwhile home project that will benefit your furnace, your home, and your family now and in the future.

How To Tune-up Your Furnace

An intensive professional tune-up will cost you $100 or more but we guarantee you can do it yourself and save some of that money. We’ll walk you through the whole furnace tune-up process.

Inspect your furnace. Look for combustion residue and carbon build-up on our around your furnace and turn on your furnace to check and see if the flame in the burner steady and blue.

If you there are either signs of combustion residue or yellow or orange flickering flames, then you have to see an HVAC technician to fix your furnace’s combustion problem.

Dirty Furnace Filter

Clean your furnace. When cleaning your furnace, make sure that your furnace is turned off and has cooled down. Remove the side cover of your furnace and using a vacuum with long nozzle, clean the dust and dirt that may have accumulated over time. After vacuuming, use a damp cloth to clean the blower fan and other areas the vacuum can’t reach. For older furnace models, pour a few drops of oil in your blower fan’s oils cups located at the end of the central shaft.

Repair your furnace. For furnaces that have belt drive blower fans, check the condition of the fan belt by pushing it down. There should be no belt tensioning. There should be at least half an inch of room for extra movement. If the belt feels too tight or loose than normal, loosen the electric motor mounts and move the motor to create proper tension. Look for cracks in the belt as well. Constant heat exposure can cause the belt to crack. Cracked fan belts need to be replaced.

Also, look for a damaged fan or slow-moving motor. It can cause low air movement and may cause problems in keeping your home warm and comfortable.

Read our full article about Furnace Blower Motor Troubleshooting and Replacement Guide is you’re faced with a motor problem. For damaged motors, check ACEHVACPARTS durable and efficient Furnace Replacement Blower Motors.

Replace furnace filters. Your furnace filter must be regularly changed every three months. If you failed to do that, this is the perfect time to change your furnace filter.

ACEHVACPARTS offers high-quality furnace filters you can choose from. Make sure to purchase on today to secure clean air for your homes.

While you can do basic furnace tune-up, it also recommended having your furnace professionally checked every few years. They can thoroughly check deeper into the possible issues of your furnace and can offer extensive additional repair.

There is just no reason to skip an annual furnace tune-up and risk your family’s health, safety, and comfort. Should you need new furnace parts, accessories, and supplies, check out www.acehvacparts.com today and use this coupon code IQK5657F6I to get $5.00 off your order total!

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