How to Program Your Thermostat When on Vacation

Everyone in the family always looks forward to a planned and well-awaited vacation. While your itinerary may be ready, you are still worried about leaving your house. There is always that dilemma of whether to leave the Furnace or Air Conditioning on or off. You find yourself thinking there is not much point putting it on for an empty home but you also don’t want to come back in a sauna or a frozen home, right?

The use of thermostats over the years has been added with a lot of mistaken beliefs on how it works and how it can save homeowners like you energy money. So let us first talk about what a thermostat is.

What is a Thermostat?

How to Program Your Thermostat When on Vacation 1

Thermostats contain a thermistor which senses surrounding air current passing through it or in the return ducts to determine the current room temperature. The thermostat then dictates your HVAC Unit to continue or stop running when the room reaches the desired indoor temperature.

Whether your thermostat is programmable, digital, and even telephone or zoning, the same principle applies. It offers your home great comfort, ease, and efficiency.

Note that the thermostat DOES NOT in any way affect the temperature or volume of the air that is released in your home.

While leaving for a vacation, setting your thermostat correctly will not only help your home maintain a healthy airflow but will also help you save energy. We want you to have that getaway without any emotional baggage left at home so with our knowledge and experience in the HVAC industry and a little scouting on the Internet, we compiled the best ways on how you can program furnace and AC efficiently over your trip.

Hot tip: Never do a full shutdown, just add or subtract a few degrees to your thermostat.

How to Program Your Thermostat For A Winter Vacation

Never turn your furnace completely off during winter vacation. You do not want to come back in a freezing wreck where your furnace pipes are frozen or worse have burst already.

✔ For electric furnaces, set your thermostat four degrees lower than your normal home temperature.

✔ For gas furnaces, set your thermostat six to eight degrees lower than your normal home temperature.

✔ OR set your thermostat no lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

✔ For uninsulated or poorly insulated pipes, set your thermostat to 64 or 65 degrees as an extra safety measure.

Setting it way lower than four degrees than your usual home temperature or lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit will lead your heat equipment to overwork which may cause a unit breakdown.

How to Program Your Thermostat For A Summer Vacation

✔ Set your thermostat four degrees higher than your normal home temperature.

✔ OR set your thermostat to 77-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Setting it way higher to save money can make your home too warm and humid. It can cause discomfort when you arrive from vacation and can also be dangerous for your home. It can damage wall compounds and some temperature-sensitive appliances. It can also cause mildew formation so you’ll then just end up spending more while trying to actually save.

How to Program Your Thermostat For An Extended Vacation

✔ Turn on the “hold” function on your thermostat to maintain the temperature you set all through the time you are away and until you’re home.

Overriding the thermostat will temporarily disallow it to follow its normal schedule and stick to a consistent temperature so no energy and money is wasted.

Upon arriving from your vacation, you can easily push the “run” button so your thermostat can resume its normal operation.

Before going on a long vacation, make sure your HVAC unit has been tuned-up so you’re assured it will not act up all while you’re away and will cause trouble when you get home. Read about Why Do You Need To Tune-up Your Furnace Before Winter to know more about furnace tune-up and maintenance.

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How to Program Your Thermostat When on Vacation 2

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