How to find my furnace model and serial number easily?

If you find a certain furnace part to be broken in your unit, you cannot easily search the part online and purchase random parts as a replacement.

Furnace parts are not readily interchangeable in different furnaces. Each furnace is designed to operate with a specific part or component. So, for you to have the correct replacement part, you first need to have the specific model and serial number (M/N and S/N) of your furnace.

Since one of our most asked questions at ACEHVACPARTS by our customers over the years in the world of HVAC is the location of the furnace model and serial number, we have prepared a simple manual to guide you through finding your furnace model and serial number in the furnace itself.

The furnace model and serial number is an alphanumeric set of digits located in the furnace nameplate.

Furnace Nameplate

The location of the furnace nameplate may differ depending on the unit, the orientation (horizontal or vertical) and flow direction (down or up) of your furnace may impact the location of the nameplate.

Your furnace model and serial number (M/N and S/N) can be often found:

  • On the outside wall of the furnace cabinet

Furnace Nameplate Outside the Furnace

If you cannot locate the nameplate outside, find the access panel (removable service door) in front of your furnace that is usually located at the bottom of the unit. Using common household tools, remove the access panel and look a label stating the furnace’s model and serial number.

  • Inside the front access panel

Furnace Nameplate Inside Furnace Access Panel

  • The sidewall of the furnace interior cabinet, either right or left

Furnace Nameplate on the Sidewall Inside Furnace Cabinet

When looking up for your furnace model and serial number, make sure to shut off the power before removing the access panel. You can do this by either turning off the power switch or going to the master fuse and turning off the unit.

Once you are able to locate your furnace model and serial number, accurately note it down and send it over to us through this link or email us dircetly at so we can help you find the complete list of replacement parts compatible for your unit. Should you find yourself purchasing HVAC parts or supplies from us, use this coupon code IQK5657F6I to get $5.00 off your order total.

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