Furnace Inducer Motor Common Problems And How To Fix It

Finding a disfunctional furnace caused by a damaged inducer motor is a wintertime nightmare that must be dealt with immediately to improve your furnace product life and also help you get through the approaching harsh cold season.

So what is a Furnace Inducer Motor?

Furnace Inducer Motor

An Inducer motor is a single-phase motor that is designed to efficiently move air and gasses out of the furnace and up through the heating vent pipes and also maintains clean and safe combustion.

It has two blowers- one blower aims to cool the motor as it operates while the other pulls the heat from the burners, through the heat exchanger, and out to the vent pipes to deliver hot air into your home.

It is a very crucial part of a furnace for without it the furnace will cease to perform the ignition process leaving your home in cold conditions.

A damaged furnace inducer motor can also cause failure to other parts of your overall heating system. So, don’t spend another day putting off your inducer motor’s repair. We have listed down the common problems it may encounter and how you can fix it.

Furnace Inducer Motor Common Problems And Its Solutions

Noise and Vibration

Small animals can block in the motor blower and will cause noise once the furnace is turned on.

✓ Remove the venting at the inducer and take the animal or obstruction out.

The blower wheel is unbalanced or falling apart due to old age. However, if your furnace is new, it can be a manufacturer’s defect and you can ask for a unit replacement.

✓ It best to replace the whole assembly including the inducer motor and fan than just the wheel to prevent further problems due to parts incompatibility.

ACEHVACPARTS offers high quality Furnace Replacement Draft Inducer Assemblies you can choose from.

ACEHVACPARTS Furnace Inducer Motor

Bad Capacitor

Capacitors store energy to send a jolt to start any motor in an HVAC system or to keep it running. If the capacitor is weak, it won’t hold enough electrical charge and will cause the inducer motor to start and stop repeatedly. And worse, if a capacitor is damaged, it will not be able to produce enough electrical juice for the inducer motor to even start.

✓ Fortunately, capacitors are the easiest part that you can change to get your Furnace up and running again. ACEHVACPARTS offer these start and run capacitors you can choose from for an easy and affordable fix.

Bad Thermostat, Thermostat Wiring Problem or Burnt Transformer

Check your furnace control board for a burnt fuse.

Most of the time, the thermostat wires will appear to have animal bite marks or have worn out over time which may cause a fuse on the control board to short and blow.

✓ If this is the case, you will need to replace your thermostat wires.

Thermostat Wires

ACEHVACPARTS has top-of-the-line Thermostat Wire Harness Kits, Wiring Extenders, and more.

If changing the thermostat wires will not do the trick, the short may be caused by a burnt out transformer. Sometimes, the transformer breaks due to internal failures over time. On other times, it is caused by external factors like animal bites and even the sun.

✓ If your furnace transformer is failing, it will need to be replaced. ACEHVACPARTS offers a diverse line of furnace replacement transformers for various electrical distribution applications.

Furnace Inducer Motor Replacement

When you have exhausted all possible solutions and the problem still persists, or when you noticed that the inducer motor is hot, it indicates a failure in the bearings of the motor and purchasing a replacement may be necessary.

When buying a new one, make sure to get the exact model or type as with your old inducer motor. ACEHVACPARTS offer genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM Furnace Inducer Motors and Assemblies from leading and reliable suppliers at a competitive price. Check out their website for fast, convenient, and affordable Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning solutions don’t forget to use this coupon code IQK5657F6I to get $5.00 off your order total.

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