Everything You Need To Know About Variable Speed Motors

According to the Department of Energy, 13.5 quads of electricity are consumed by industrial, commercial, and residential sectors in the US. More than half or approximately 58% of which are used by electric motor applications in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning processes.

Fortunately, through the availability of advanced power control technologies such as variable-speed inducer motors, energy consumption can greatly be reduced in HVAC applications. However, only 5% of homeowners use variable-speed motors to power their HVAC systems. This may be attributed to the cost of acquiring variable-speed inducer motors which is four times more than the low-cost, low-efficiency, single-speed permanent split capacitor induction motors.

Single-speed vs. Variable-speed motors

Single-speed motors run at full capacity and are cycled on and off as dictated by a thermostat when the desired indoor temperature is already achieved.

A variable-speed motor, however, runs continuously but at different speeds and only uses a quarter of the energy that is used by a single-speed motor to move the same amount of air to heat or cool a room. It gradually ramps up to full speed to precisely control the flow of heated or cooled air to achieve a better balance of temperature and humidity. It also automatically adjusts the amount of circulated air to meet your comfort needs and compensate for factors like dirty filters, blocked vents, etc.


Variable-speed motors can be used in residential, commercial, industrial applications, as well as, reduced radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) required process. Applications can range from HVAC furnaces and air handlers up to electric vehicles, aircraft, and factory automation.


Reduced Installation Cost

There is no need for additional components like motor controllers and torque converters when installing variable-speed motors.

High Product Reliability

With fewer components and more compact design, variable-speed motor operate in a manner that reduces stress on the mounting device. Its durability and performance are expected to beat that of a traditional inducer motor.


Everything You Need To Know About Variable Speed Motors 1

Since variable-speed motors don’t operate in full range but in calibrated and gradual performance to achieve specific heating and cooling demands, it is highly-efficient so you can guarantee that energy spent to keep it running will not be put to waste but only to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Units that use variable-speed motors use about two-thirds less electricity. This can help you save hundreds of dollars in utility bill every year making it a worthwhile though costly investment.

Quiet Operation

Everything You Need To Know About Variable Speed Motors 2

Because of the moderate progressing acceleration and deceleration of variable-speed motor operations, they significantly produce less blast of noise than the traditional single-speed motor.

Better Comfort

Using a variable-speed motor will fine-tune your equipment’s operation to help produce a more consistent and pleasant indoor temperature control and air distribution. Aside from that, it can aid your air conditioner or heat pump to remove excess moisture from the air to improve air quality and enhance your family’s health.

Clean Air

Everything You Need To Know About Variable Speed Motors 3

A Variable-speed motor in an HVAC system will help keep the air in your home clean and fresh. While in fan mode, it will continue to slowly circulate air, allowing your air filters to capture more debris and contaminants.

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Everything You Need To Know About Variable Speed Motors 4

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