6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions

Winter is coming, and it’s coming fast. It is still more than a month away from the chilly season, yet we already start to use our cold-weather wardrobe and power our heating systems just to keep warm and safe. Our home heater, be it a furnace, boiler or heat pump, is very important to help us comfortable and cozy for the whole season. ‘

But it is not only the cold we need to fight off during the season, comes with it is cold and flu. In fact, winter is called flu season, and it is called that for a reason. Since cold and flu are caused by airborn bacteria and viruses, proper use and maintenance of your heating system can help avoid possible hazards and sickness and can keep you healthy.

Improving indoor air quality is the best way to keep the winter woes away. So, here, we present you 8 sure ways to avoid cold and flu and make through winter season sickness free.

Run your Heater

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions 1

Yes, by simply turning it on and keeping it operating, indoor air is kept fresh and healthy which can help prevent illnesses. In times when you really need to turn it off, at least do not let it sit still for a long time. Without proper airflow and ventilation, still air becomes easily musty which can be a breeding ground for viruses.

This is especially beneficial if you came from the cold or outside. Your body’s immune system is suppressed in the cold and it will help if your home is already warmed up and ready to warm you once you’re home.

In addition, do not heat only certain parts of your house. Yes, you can save energy bills but that will be in the cost of your health and it is totally not worth it. Having some parts of your house to be cold will lead to an improper circulation especially if you transfer from a warm area to a cold one. It can cause serious problems like heart attack, angina, or an irregular heartbeat. If you’re already heating your house, but some areas are still uncomfortably warm or cold, follow through the second tip: Inspect your ducts.

Inspect Your Ducts

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions 2

Have your ducts professionally cleaned. A clean duct ensures only fresh and clean air will come out of your air registers. This will also help eliminate the presence of dust which can possibly mitigate your allergies and reduce your flu symptoms like sneezing, coughing and even headaches.

While you’re on duct duty, also make sure that your duct airflow is balanced. If some living areas in your home feels uncomfortably warmer than the other, it means that you have unbalanced duct airflow. A balanced duct airflow ensures that all rooms regardless of its size receives the same amount of airflow and maintains the same ideal temperature for optimum comfort wherever you are in your house.

Check out this blog for an ultimate Duct Airflow Balancing Tips And Guide You Need To Know.

Install A Humidifier

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions 3

Flu and cold viruses thrive in dry air during the winter season. In fact according to National Geographic, “Flu, for one, seems to survive longer in cool, dry environments, which may be the source of its common winter spread.”

A whole-house humidifier, as a supplementary accessory to your HVAC system, will help add and distribute moisture evenly in your indoor air in all your home’s living areas not only to prevent and lessen the symptoms of colds and other respiratory diseases like dry throat and irritated sinus, but also to improve comfort, promote peaceful rest and sleep, reduce stress, raise your productivity and diminish dry skin.

In a separate blog, we compared whole-house humidifiers to portable ones and discussed its various benefits and types. Check it out to know what suits your home’s needs best.

Install A Carbon Monoxide Monitor

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions 4

Since your heating systems will be up and running the whole season, this makes you susceptible to Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. CO isn’t detectable due to being odourless, installing Carbon Monoxide detectors to every floor of your home is very important. If you ever think of skipping this, think again! In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 20,000 are hospitalized due to CO poisoning to which 400 dies making it the leading cause of poisoning deaths in North America.

Check out our selection of HVAC fire and safety systemsso you and your family could sleep soundly and comfortably at night.

Upgrade An Old Heating System

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions 5

According to ENERGY STAR, a furnace’s average product lifespan is 18-20 years. However, without proper care and maintenance, you might be looking at just 10. If your furnace is nearing the end of its service life, you might consider replacing it even without any signs of breakdown because it is most likely already not operating at maximum efficiency and thus result in higher utility bills.

Not only does it affect your furnace’s efficiency but it can also cause sickness, increase your chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and triggers asthma due to nitrogen dioxide.

Change Your Filters

6 Sure Ways To Avoid Sickness This Winter: HVAC Solutions 6

Furnace filters MUST be regularly changed- at most every 3 months. Aside from the boost in your furnace’s efficiency to help keep you extra warm for the season and save you energy bills, installing new furnace duct air filters will also improve the well-being of your indoor air to aid keep your family in good health.

We offer high-quality furnace filters that have odor and particle trapping assistance, as well as a unique ability to remove various gases. Make sure to purchase one today to secure clean air for your family.

We care about you! Follow these 6 simple ways to help you and your family get through this cold and flu season safe and healthy. In relation to this blog, we have other helpful articles you might want to check out about Keeping Your Home Safe & Warm This Winter and Why Do You Need To Tune-up Your Furnace Before Winter. Only then you’ll be all set for the harsh cold months ahead.

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