2019 New Energy Efficiency Regulations Will Help You Save

New energy efficiency standards by the Department of Energy will help you save energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. As of July 3, 2019, The Department of Energy (DOE) has updated its new Fan Energy Rating (FER) standards and here are the things you need to know.

The new FER Regulation

The DOE with its new FER regulation stipulates to eliminate the use of older permanent split capacitor (PCM) blower motors in the majority of entry-level furnace systems. Instead, the new standard requires furnace manufacturers to use constant torque electronic controlled motors (ECM) in residential furnaces.

So, what does this mean for homeowners like you?

Due to the higher cost of ECM Motors, the average market price of a residential furnace is expected to increase. But don’t worry, this new regulation works to benefit the manufacturers, the environment, and you as homeowners in the long run.

These new residential furnaces that use ECM motors are a guaranteed worthwhile investment as it will decrease your energy usage by as much as 46%- this means lower energy cost and more energy savings, while also being green!

What does the new FER Regulation seek to achieve?

This new FER regulation is a step further to improve the old standards for residential furnace fans that were finalized last 2014. These consistent efforts from the DOE seek to significantly reduce energy consumption by 3.99 quads of energy, to lower carbon footprint by 34 million metric tons, and help save more than $9 billion in home electricity bills in heating, cooling, and constant circulation applications.

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